The encroachment of dusk holds great metaphoric importance to Rino Noto's series on the process of dying. Crepuscolo, meaning "twilight" in Noto's native Italian, depicts the waning of life - the journey into, and out of, the eve of one's existence. In each of these nine images a shrouded figure, the representational focus of the series, reclines; here contorted, there faded into near abstraction, but always illuminated in a chiaroscuro reminiscent of that brief moment of transition from day to night. This figure, all shadows and decay, embodies a kind of "passing through", as Noto phrases it, from a living state to whatever resides beyond.

Crepuscolo considers the eve of human existence, posing difficult questions about life and death with subtlety and charisma. The bewildering experience of being and dying is symbolized here through the conduit of a single shrouded figure, the centrepiece of this nine-image photographic series. Noto’s decayed, skeletal subject embodies a kind of “passing through,” as the artist phrases it, occupying the space between a living state and whatever resides beyond.