Born in Italy, Rino Noto and his family emigrated to Canada when he was just two years old. Rino discovered  photography at an early age and experiencing the fascination of the world through his viewfinder would change his life forever.

Rino is one of the few Canadians to have work appear on the cover and in the feature article of both ZOOM and La Fotografia. He has also been the subject of television shows like “Behind the lens” and “Behind the Camera.”

Rino was hired to direct a Pepsi commercial in Miami which was quickly followed by a television campaign for Fashion Cares. Both experiences broke new visual ground for him. He has immersed himself in conquering the dynamism of the moving image while introducing his own European flavor. Rino recently directed and produced a documentary entitled “Piazza Petawawa” which tells the story of the Italians who were interned in Canada during World War ll through first hand accounts and personal stories.

His signature lighting style sets Rino’s work apart and has inspired a successful series of exhibits at De Luca Gallery, Spazio Dell’Arte, and the Joseph D Carrier Gallery.


Client List :

- Molson                                         - Enroute                                               - Wiser's

- Rogers                                         - Nestle                                                   - Levi's

- Pepsi                                            - Purina                                                   - Kahlua 

- BMW                                            - Jackson & Triggs                            - Nokia

- Food Basics                             - Motts                                                     - Mr. Clean

- Donna Karan                           - D'Italiano                                             - Avelox

- Wonderbread                          - Coca-Cola                                           - Coors   

- Nissan                                       - Lebatts                                                  - Fila 

- Sony Music                              - Vogue Bambini                                 - Irving Oil


Awards :

2014: Photo District News, Faces Celebrity Category (First), "Roger Mooking"

2013 : Creative Quarterly, CQ32 Photography, "Andrew Pyper"

2006 : Applied Arts, Advertising Photography, "What If..."

1999 : CAPIC, Unpublished Photography (Gold), "Amanda"

             CAPIC, Platinum Award (Third), "Amanda"

1997 : CAPIC, Platinum Photography (Third), "Pulp #1"

            CAPIC, Corporate Photography (Silver), "Pulp #1"

            Applied Arts, Photography Series, "Pulp #1"

1996 : Applied Arts, Photography, "Is My Car Ready?"

1995 : Kodak, Platinum Award (Gold), "Leonard in Winter"

             Applied Arts, Self-Promotion Photography, "Rena"

             Applied Arts, Self-Promotion Photography, "Dean + Dean"

             Applied Arts, Editorial Photography, "The Nature in Farley"

             Applied Arts, Editorial Photography, "Leonard in Winter"

             CAPIC, Photography (Gold), "Leonard in Winter"

             CAPIC, Photography (Merit), "Farley Mowat"

             CAPIC, Editorial Photography (Silver), "Leonard Cohen"

             CAPIC, Editorial Photography (Merit), "Farley Mowat"

1994 : Applied Arts, Photography/Editorial, "Leonard in Winter"

             Applied Arts, Photography/Editorial, "The Nature of Farley"

             Merit, Editorial, Series of 3 for the Globe & Mail, "Swimwear"

             Merit, Editorial, Series of 2 for the Globe & Mail, "Leonard and Farley"

             Communication Arts, Editorial (Award of Excellence), "Farley Mowat"

1993 : RX (Award of Excellence), "60's Girl"

1990 : Integrity, Certificate of Recognition (Gold), "The look..."